Whos dating justin bieber

While neither Selena Gomez nor rumored girlfriend Baskin Champion was present, it appears Justin's enjoying the company of another woman — at least for the weekend.

And to be honest, I'm sure there's a part of him that wants to make Selena a bit jealous," the source told that Bieber and Champion have known each other for a while and that their friendship is "nothing more" than flirting.Per a fan on Twitter, Cherissa may be the ex-girlfriend of Justin's longtime friend, Chaz Somers. According to her Instagram, Cherissa's an avid traveler, enjoys photography and is a vegan.She also runs her own travel and lifestyle website.It doesn't appear that she and Justin are an item, despite the buzz over the two being sighted together.Cherissa recently posted a photo of herself hugging a man who is not her pop star pal.

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