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One of the film's morals is, if we don't like the way they are buying up our assets, we have no business selling them in the first place.

Japanese strength comes from the social discipline and immense intellectual vigour of their way of life.

In one scene where she stands up and pulls her blouse down, it is very clear that her left hand is normal.

In a subsequent scene, when she is explaining herself to Web Smith, her left hand again appears deformed.

reassuring cultural markers which quickly dissolve as we find ourselves in the steely 19990's in a Los Angeles that has been snaffled by the Japanese. Americans had better learn how to bow, because their masters are moving in."Rising Sun" is a sophisticated thriller which flips neatly between fear of the sinister Japanese (electronic surveillance, big business buyouts, Yakuza) and a deep understanding of, and reverence for, Japanese culture.

Wesley Snipes plays Web Smith, a lieutenant in the LAPD assigned to investigate a murder on the Los Angeles premises of a Japanese corporation.

In the background of some of the shots there are two legged robots: one hopping in a circle in a tea-house; the other bouncing up a garden path.

We see reflections of Web and Jingo on the TV monitor as they analyse the 'ghost'.

Connor effects a clever 'look-back' on the lab's video camera, hinting at hidden permutations in the characters' relationships.

We three students appear in the film in white lab coats acting like Robot Scientists!!

See more » Scenes of cowboys on horseback, and Cole Porter's "Don't Fence Me In"...

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