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Your character gets into some pretty physically demanding situations. Towards the end of the film, this battle with the sea serpent, that was quite physically draining. I know the extra dimension was added in post, but was that a major consideration while you were shooting? Lots of films are now being made in 3D and I know there were these issues about people thinking that you shouldn’t make them in 3D after, they should be shot in 3D, but as I found today, James Cameron is making Titanic in 3D so I think that doing it works and it’s a little better. I am able to slip away from it and go about a normal life and I’m really grateful for that. I know you shot some portion of the film in some more populated areas.Langford, Anthony John, Ch exec, Valuation Office Agency, HM Bd of In Rev.Luce, Thomas Richard Harman, hd of social care policy, Dept of Health.And even when I was in them I was the last person to know any of the news, so I’m really not going to know about if they’re making the film, which I’m not even in. The kids that grew up on that set are always in the spotlight and being looked at under a microscope now.Did you have to go through a lot of training because there was such a wide gap between the second and third films? I was watching it the other night; I really had no issues at all with the 3D. Do you have any issues involving crazy fans or paparazzi?

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