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Year(s): 1993-2002 We'll be as kind as possible because we here at Complex respect the deceased.

Lisa Lopes, his on-again, off-again girlfriend tried to burn his shoes in a bathtub but things got out of control and burned down his mansion.

Whatever small message she was trying to send got through as the two remained together until her untimely death in 2002.

Rison insists, however, that he was “very sober” at 5 a.m., when he finally made it home. But she kept coming at me.” Rison says he eventually slapped Lopes, “not to hurt her, but to calm her. We were inside the house now, and I picked her up and slammed her on the bed and sat on her. Reggie Brown, Rison’s brother, reportedly saw her standing over the whirlpool, watching the flames grow higher and shouting, “I don’t care anymore!

Lisa, he says, was already out in the driveway screaming at him. ” Rison spent the morning at the house of teammate Jason Phillips, still unaware of what had happened. I just sat down and cried.” That night, Andre rode his motorcycle to the Falcons training camp in Suwanee, about 40 miles north of Atlanta.

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