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"When the sixth element is revealed, a special element can appear that is a combination of the other six. an opportunity to escape the clutches of the Fates. (AU, Stark Centric, powerful North)A Harry Potter who has tried to take control of his destiny from second year on finds himself in need of a fresh start due to his marital status changing abruptly.

It serves as the controller that bounds the power if the six elements together. A single gambit by he Old Gods forever changes the game as the newest members of the wolfpack tear through the Seven Kingdoms to create the home they always wanted. Armed with some abilities beyond the norm, a Mastery of Defense and a muggle-style teacher's license, Harry takes his daughter Lily Luna and takes a job offer at Kuoh Academy. Some people would think life in the world of Fairy Tail is all fun and games. Fantastical as it may be, it's still a world full of harsh realities. At a young age Naruto grew up with little to no friends. Dooku approached a very different Bounty Hunter before Fett, one with a very strict code and so he turned the Sith down only to live through the confrontation.

Adopted from Anime hotty lover.18One evening you mind your own business and then a vortex opens, throwing you in a world of Heroes and Monsters.

Given a gift of magic, with a lot of strings attached, you try to make a difference in the face of Braniac's invasion. Then years later, you find yourself in an ever bleaker world, with the daemons of your past waiting...

Whether they stand in shadow, fire, or ice, he'll be ready for anything. Batwoman and her allies will be pushed to their limits as they face this one called... Meanwhile, Rochelle Wayne meets someone mysterious named George Edwards. An ex-Army Ranger from Montana dies in a car crash and wakes up as thirteen year old Aegon Targaryen the Son of Rhaegar Targaryen.

Series of one-shots (some may connect to others later) of Naruto getting some hot action with different women. Armed with foreknowledge of Game of Thrones, semi-modern technology and science and modern warfare tactics, the Reborn Dragon will shake things up and change the Game of Thrones. After being killed by a High-Level Devil, Alex Black has awakened his dormant Sacred Gear and was brought back to life as a second Pawn of Rias Gremory.

A few months after PP, Danny visits Clockwork's tower at the latter's request.

T for now Atlas isn't sure how he got to the East Blue, how long he's been in the world of One Piece, or why the timeline is so far off (other than his own actions) but one thing he does know, is that some way or some how, he is going to find out. Sure he has two parents who've raised him well, but that doesn't always help. It's a shame that the many girls he ends up saving disagree with him. When the Dursleys die in a car crash, Dumbledore is left with a quandary as to where to place the Boy-Who-Lived.I know he turns into a better guy later, but he was such a favoratist idiot before then and i feel he never got the chewing out he needed. Also, i have a few story ideas i would love to share with anyone who wants them.They can have the idea, i just want a good, long, story made out of them.As the infamous wielder of the kaleidoscope is watching, he decides to switch out Shirou with this newcomer.With a different character in, how will the Fate universe handle this? OP (in comparison to Shirou), grey, multiple servants, ect What does it mean to be a hero?

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Finding a home in the frozen land of the North, he decides to take a vacation. Thanks to the Red Dragon Emperor, he is rescued by Heaven's most beautiful woman. SI, where Peter Parker's body is taken over and the new owner realizes the world needs a hero, it needs a Spider-man. Danny found himself in a land where might and swords ruled the day. Danny decided that if this was how the world worked then why not try to become king. Naruto has no idea what to make of this, but decided to make the most of it. He has only existed for less than a day, but he decided to make it his goal to live a long and full life. A vigilante who has no problem killing the scum who deserve to die.

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