Monitoring the patients’ overall health and quickly calculate any shifts or abnormalities keep you at the forefront of your patients well being and treatment.Having the means to assess the patients other risk factors such as exposures, safety incidents, and drug and alcohol tests will be able to provide you with a total picture of the patient’s health.I am so happy Quill is out now and we can share all this stuff we have been working on!!#VR #quillart #Dogs #illustration Posted by Carlos Felipe León – Artist on Tuesday, December 13, 2016 I love how painting in Quill, color becomes something volumetric, a substance you can manipulate just like in traditional painting.Spiramid’s comprehensive electronic medical records software will allow you to feel secure in your choice because of our amazing efficient, and secure system.Whatever your need for recording medical information using electronic medical records software, Spiramid can offer you piece of mind knowing that your records are in safe and capable hands.

Hey everyone, here is the piece I made for Oculus and the Quill Launch, you can see it in Quill by going under settings and checking the box “show high quality content” and then checking out the gallery again, it will be there! Check out the comments below, I am attaching all the WIP steps that went into making it. Great to see everybody adopting VR painting, super fun, huh?

If you like your ladies a bit more on the mature side with a lot more experience then these females should be on your list of sexygirls to visit.

They always say that as you age you get more experience and these chicks certainly go all out to prove that.

I like being able to appreciate things without attaching too much meaning or judgement to them, this ambiguousness extends to the character herself.

This piece can be seen with any copy of Quill, make sure you have the “show high quality content” feature active in the settings.

Search for Webcamlivemature:


The whole piece took about a week and a half of very intense painting. If you want to see more stuff, here’s my artist page: https:// Happy painting!

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  1. Occasionally, parents have a child that naturally requires more care and attention than the others, because they're very young, disabled, or psychologically damaged.