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All four have been commissioned to write a piece of poetry or prose which will then be engraved on stones positioned over the eight-mile route between the sisters’ birthplace and the family parsonage between Thornton and Haworth.Winterson will celebrate the Brontë legacy as a whole, Duffy will celebrate Charlotte, Kay has Anne and Kate has Emily.The Brontës showed me that hearts beat like mine, that the struggle to know who you are happens across time and generations, and gender. I still Syima Aslam, director of Bradford Literature Festival, said: “It has been a huge privilege to curate and deliver the Brontës Stones project as part of the Festival this year.They showed me that writing needs the power of the personal behind it – but that somehow the story one person tells has to become a story many people can claim as their own. The Brontës are an integral part of the literary landscape of Bradford, and the inspiration for our annual Bronte Heritage strand of events.Each sister being remembered by a stone in the enigmatic landscape where they lived and worked is a striking idea.Emily only wrote the one novel – an extraordinary work of art that has truly left its mark.Enter the world of unlimited free Beach1 porn, and you are sure to stay with us for hours!

Good books live in the present, regardless of when they were written.They were a happy family, but very shortly, after their move to Haworth in 1820, tragedy struck.First the death of their mother, then the two oldest siblings.To be asked to write a piece for Emily’s stone is an honour and, in a way, a chance to say thank you to her.” 2018 marks 200 years since the birth of Emily Brönte and 40 years since the release of Kate’s single Wuthering Heights.The stones project may possibly be the only way Kate will be marking the 40th anniversary of her song.

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