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Have no illusions though, as you probably already know, this issue can be extremely annoying and stubborn and can be one of the more difficult issues to try and resolve on an Android smartphone.If you find the information in this guide informative or helpful then PLEASE let me know by leaving a friendly remark in the comment section below this article and by sharing it through Google , Facebook, Twitter or by linking back to this page from somewhere else on the net.I try to avoid giving advice about software manipulation and or customization but I get asked for help regarding this type of issue a lot.Since there is very little documentation online about how to try and troubleshoot or resolve these types of problems once they have occurred (whatever the cause may be), I decided to write up this guide to be used as a reference on how to try to combat this annoying issue.With files from nougat, rear camera works (photos and videos) With files from marshmallow (rom stock installed), front camera works.So I created two zip files to flash using TWRP to alternate cameras under marshmallow with Nougat camera firmware (not phone camera firmware).The solution is not optimal but has the merit of functioning ...I almost never use the camera before so this solution suits me ... Originally Posted by clemalex As I said earlier, With the /venoor/firmware/ files: fimc_is_fw2_imx260setfile_imx260I can operate either the front camera or the rear camera.

You might consider staying with NOUGAT and abandon Xposed ;p I have already tried with other rom country. As I said earlier, With the /venoor/firmware/ files: fimc_is_fw2_imx260setfile_imx260I can operate either the front camera or the rear camera.There are a few reasons as to why this issue might creep up on an Android smartphone so let’s start with some of the common reasons and go from there…One of the many things that make Android so great is that the operating system and software on Android devices (especially smartphones) is very customizable.Android phones can be unlocked, rooted, flashed and tinkered with and are one of the most flexible operating systems available for smartphones to date.Hello everybody, I currently have a camera firmware problem on a sm-g930F. In NOUGAT version no problem because the firmware of the phone is superior to the firmware of the camera. As Xposed is not yet compatible with NOUGAT, I decide to install MARSHMALLOW via ODIN. After installing Xposed & Co, I decide to test the camera ... After consulting several post: Update Camera firmware *#34971539# Camera Firmware Help I realize that the firmware of the camera is D12LSJD **** And that the firmware used by the rom stock Marshmallow is C12LS ****** (Nougat stock = D12LSJJ **** = Functional camera) I do not know what to do.

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There are many things that can happen which can cause a software upgrade or update not to finish correctly including: Many Android smartphones have some type of warning message emphasizing that updates can take time to complete and should not be interrupted.

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