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As stated above, Knob and Tube and insulation (loose fill or fiberglass batts) don't mix, because it is essential that the wires are free to dissipate heat. In fact, the United States National Electric Code (NEC) section 324-4, forbids the use of loose, blown-in, or expanding foam insulation over Knob and Tube wiring. Unfortunately, I don't have more photos from down here.Sure I could work around the old wiring and only insulate where there wasn't any, but I've been meaning to replace the Knob and Tube for a while now. The rest of this article addresses what to expect when replacing Knob and Tube wiring. I had places where the rubber insulation had fallen off, exposing a few inches of bare wire in many places.Costs will increase if the home doesn't have good crawlspaces and attic access, making it harder to work.Knob and tube replacement cost can also be higher if you need to install additional electrical panels in locations like the garage, or if you have outbuildings that also require rewiring.Here's a light switch with damage to the plaster wall. When you get your house rewired, don't expect them to run wires where they were before.This was the only switch with damage, which is quite impressive considering they had to fish wires through a 100 year old home with god knows what in the walls. They feed new lines to all the switches and outlets but they may take different paths, than where your knob and tube was. ) In the basement they did cut the wires down between the knobs.Overall, the benefits vastly outweigh knob and tube replacement cost, making it a smart decision for homeowners.Knob and Tube Wiring This type of wiring started to be used in the late 1800s, continuing into the early 20th century.

Material called covers the insulation at key points to add protection.

In the end I went with the guy I felt most comfortable with.

I liked him because he insisted that all of the work he does meets code, where others might take shortcuts, and in order to do so he checked with the local inspector for a few code questions that he and I had, prior to me paying him a dime. On my drive home from work, after day one, I didn't know what I'd see.

They need to cut these in order to fish new wire around hard to access areas.

Shown below you'll also see damage around a light switch and an outlet.

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I also had wire that had fallen off of it's ceramic knobs and was resting on steam pipes, other wires, and so on.

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