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Daemon mode is used when you connect to a Mender server to do OTA updates, we can keep it running even though we will not be using this part yet.We can read-out the artifact info that we setup in our Yocto environment.This is why it's critical and important to update your Linux Mint kernel from time to time.

“Different” images must have a different name/version because Mender uses this string to rapport what software the device is running an will skip updating if device is running an image with the same name/version.

Which lead to me porting Mender to Rasbperry Pi boards and pushing it upstream.

I have since then been a community member of the project with various contributions. Mender is an open-source over-the-air firmware updater for embedded Linux devices, written in Golang.

Key features are: There is a lot more which can be found here.

As I have mentioned earlier, Mender deploys a “Dual Copy” update strategy which means that it is only able to do full image updates.

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For example, if you have a new device and it's not recognized by your default kernel.

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