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For example, the Good Stuff page now will smash down its jpegs when you narrow your browser window.And DIY Simple Telescope will even squash it's fixed-width ASCII diagrams!Artisanal Kumiss, in horse-skin bags just like old country.

But suddenly some Chinese company has them again, and they're all over e Bay for about each!

BURNING MAN CROWDS and their highly focused Tibetan-Tulpa rays, centaur Real-doll scorpions, art installations with haunted randomizers and discarnate memories stored in the zeropoint nonlocal foam. Or, buy up some dead Violet Ray tesla-coil quack-medical devices on e Bay, then get them working for resale. Kumis beer from fermented mares' milk fueled Ghengis' vast army. The seller just didn't let it go long enough, like artisan carbonated grape juice actually being proto-wine.

Pinocchio was built by Frankenstein and wants to become a real girl! (Or did you just want to cure your brain-fog, rather than zapping sensitive body parts? Store-bought Kefir liquid-yoghurt will swell up and explode if you leave it out of the fridge. Igonna leave som Kefir out when weather warms up again, crack the cap a bit, maybe use a winemaking bubbler. If it works, next stage is buy a stable full of pregnant Mongolian war-ponies.

No, there is no need to stamp out hundreds of iron sheet laminations.

We can use the same idea that Edison used for his first industrial products: the Gramme Dynamo.

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