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Voice, video, and data transmissions can be directed to any user group or devices via software-defined networks (SDN).

Koh Hong Eng, Huawei’s global chief public safety expert, said, “A powerful Integrated Communication Platform is a symbol of a smart command center.

Huawei’s other video solutions include Front-end Intelligence and Quick Video Synopsis.

Khoo Boon Hui, who has been president of INTERPOL and Commissioner of the Singapore Police, shared his insight at the summit.

Huawei is able to work closely with leading consulting firms, systems integrators, and software developers from around the world because of its principles of openness, collaboration and shared success.

Together, they have developed a comprehensive Safe City ecosystem which can meet all the safe city needs of customers in a single package.

The platform can pick up alerts from various channels via social media, Internet of Things and etc, and can also quickly and extensively access videos.

It enables fast response and handling of security alerts, streamlined coordination of different first responder departments, and granular, informed command decisions.

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