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I want to be friends first.”“Why won’t you be my friend?”It’s awful when someone is pushy about going on a date or having sex, but it’s downright bizarre to have someone pester the dickens out of you because they want you for a “friend.” Make no mistake, these guys want a lot more than friendship, but they have somehow internalized the idea that a woman will be more receptive to dating if it occurs under the guise of platonic interaction.We're all familiar with the "Nice Guy" phenomenon, so I won't delve into that here (plus, that always seems so much more covert).For some reason, there’s a huge number of foreign men who seem to think that the word “friend” means “sex partner.” Plenty of Americans use this tactic too, but it’s a disproportionate number of men from other countries speaking English as a second language who use “friend” as a magic incantation to convince a woman to give him the time of day. What do they think is going to happen when they challenge my authenticity?I want to know everything about her after that kind of surprise."*--Michael, 21, student *"When my wife pays for dinner. That she's ballsy is the best surprise.""I've been going on some blind dates.Honestly: the best surprise is when we actually have stuff to talk about, and they look like they do in the picture.

Does that make it harder for someone to identify you? Does that make it easier for someone to be utterly disgusted by your nudity? I’m not trying to body-shame anybody here, because lord knows I’m no supermodel, but unless you are truly an Adonis, you should leave your clothes on until someone wants to rip them off. The guy who wants to date a literal dog“I swiped right for your dog”“My dog is cooler than you”“I probably won’t like you as much as I like my/your dog”Similar to those single dads who loudly proclaim that their kid is more important than any woman he might date is the guy who claims the same of his dog.

There have been dozens of hopeful suitors who sent me a couple of messages, failed to interest me, disappeared for a few months, and then reappeared with a random insult out of the blue. That’s just one of the games of roulette you play when you sign up to a dating site! Neglect to pinch your cheeks and tell you you're a nice boy? You are a horrible boy.","source":"Seriously, what did that lady do to you? ” Jesus, why are you attempting to meet someone then?

Most of the time, I don’t even remember the original conversation. Neglect to pinch your cheeks and tell you you're a nice boy? You are a horrible boy."},"h Size":null,"float Dir":null,"html":"" data-provider-name=""The guy with a kid“My daughter is my life.”“I have a wonderful son who always comes first.”“Nothing means more to me than my children, NOTHING.”Now, maybe I don’t get it because I’m not a parent, but it seems to me that there are a whole lot of single fathers out there who think any potential date is scheming to become an evil stepmother who leads their children to a gingerbread house in a haunted forest. There is only so much love and affection in my heart, and my offspring are already receiving every bit of it! Go shove your swizzle stick into a glory hole and remove the human element of sexuality entirely.

creator Matt Groening worked at a newspaper, he told his editor what a joke is: something someone doesn't expect. One of the foremost reasons humor is such a winner for me (and my friends) in date-type situations is because it's outside the realm of the expected. I asked my friends, what's the best way to surprise you on a date? One minute you're asking the bartender You sure you don't have Ketel?

But a really beautiful outfit, something that works with her body and her personality, that is the kind of surprise that will flood my brain with good thoughts all night.""There's no surprise like a sexy surprise.

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Dating: one of the worst experiences in a woman's life.

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