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Clean-cut, mostly male, young, and often well-educated—the new “alt-right” crawled out of their corners and into the mainstream.

This newly empowered group viciously attacks feminism and social justice movements like Black Lives Matter, they mock even the idea of social justice by calling liberals “snowflakes” and “SJWs” (Social Justice Warriors).

I read American Swastika, by Pete Simi and Robert Futrell (university professors who have spent years studying the white power movement), and Aryan Cowboys, by Evelyn A.

Schlatter, who did exhaustive research on the white supremacist movement during the pivotal period from 1970-2000.

In the new president, they saw, if not a supporter, at least someone who would elevate sympathizers of their cause to positions of power in the White House.

By January, they had their foot in the door with the installment of white nationalists in the cabinet, and by summer, they were marching in Charlottesville, carrying lit torches and Confederate flags, chanting Nazi slogans in German, and shouting, “Jews will not replace us.”Before the rise of Trump, white supremacists existed on the very fringes of society. They harkened images of swastikas, white capes, burning crosses, and flying Confederate flags.

For white nationalists, Trump’s base was ripe for conversion.

Just as David Duke left the KKK in the 1970s to run for office, today’s white supremacists are disguising themselves to make their message more palatable.To examine their privilege and ask themselves what truly makes America great.For several months, I researched hate groups tracked by the Southern Poverty Law Center, reading their forums, watching interviews, and following the Twitter feeds of the groups’ leaders.Instead of blatant use of the N-word, for example, racial slurs are encoded.For those in the know, memes like Pepe the Frog are symbols that have been embraced by the “alt-right” to symbolize white supremacy, as are photos of white men drinking milk (because many people of color are lactose intolerant).

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