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It's a tiptoe traipse on a high wire strung across the Grand Canyon.One wrong move and you're in free fall, tumbling crazily toward a final goodnight.Deyo gave people literally looking for love a way to cut to the chase and perhaps even avoid catastrophic spills. No major metropolitan area in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia or Canada lacks speed dating opportunities.

Negative Nelly You know the ones, anything you say is met with a barrage of negative comments – anything and everything sets these people off!It shouldn’t involve someone who pencils you in, hoping for a better offer. One minute you are fixed squarely in their sights, the next they act like they don’t even know you! HUGE ego Have you ever found yourself wondering, mid date, when the last time you spoke was?Your date hasn’t drawn breathe since you sat down and has managed to tell you how wonderful they are, in twenty different ways.About a dozen speed dating companies have emerged as major players in the United States.That doesn't include, though, specialty operations geared toward arranging meetings between members of particular groups, such as Christians or gays.

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