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I can’t go back and change how I started my walk down this road, and I wouldn’t. I don’t know if we’ll have to bury the dream of getting pregnant. To be able to read His Word, that is applicable and relative and valuable. We are praying and hopeful that God provides answers for us this year as we continue trying!

I have learned so much about what it means to wait. And to be in relationships with friends and mentors that are to perfectly ordained by Him. anxiously anticipating the next chapter of your life.

There was a day this summer, a day that the hope died once again as my ‘time of the month’ arrived, that I broke down. My husband, who has been amazingly calm, supportive, and perfect example of what it means to trust the Lord, didn’t know what to do for me.

As we entered the Fall, we continued to try but I felt different about it. *I do know that it can take well over a year for healthy couples to get pregnant.

I knew then that I really, really trusted God with my future. I’m also aware of everything that Justin and I can do in order to better our chances.

My friend Allyson had recommended that I read Oswald Chambers’ Gracious Uncertainty. And the words came to life on the page as I read it. I don’t know if it will happen naturally, or if we will need medical assistance. I’m so immensely thankful to know a gracious and loving God. My hope is that this post doesn’t read as a “cry for help/advice” but instead just a piece of my story that I wanted to share with you about something I learned.

In fact, the Mother’s Day pricing is 60% off of their Regional Ancestry test which provides you with your regional ethnicity for .

My emotions have been to all kinds of extremes, and while I continue to ride this roller coaster of feelings, I’ve arrived at stable and peaceful place. It started in February, when we first began trying. The months of weeping, the days of anger and jealousy. I switched to Selah ,”It is well with my soul” before I walked back in my house.

to a place of perfection, completely joy and happiness. The negative test didn’t wreck me in those first few months. I remember standing on a bridge about 60 feet from our front door, waiting until I knew that this–this anger and lack of satisfaction with God’s plan–was over.

Please join Spencer Wells, Founder and CEO of Insitome, former Director of the Genographic Project and Explorer in Residence at National Geographic, Razib Khan, Director of Scientific Content at Insitome and yours truly as we discuss the science behind the Golden State Killer case.

I would like to thank Spencer and Razib for inviting me to join them today.

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