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One person has come back from the dead a half-dozen times.

I’ve also seen Oakdalians confront the same tough realities as real people in the three-dimensional world.

When I first moved to Oakdale for one hour a day, Chicago was rarely mentioned.

It might come up if someone sought an abortion or needed an organ transplant.

Young people in search of direction start out working as hospital orderlies.

One of these left Oakdale for six months and came back a pediatrician. In soap opera time, that’s long enough to get pregnant, give birth, and pack the kid off to boarding school.

I have been a quasi-resident of Oakdale since the late 1970s, when I started college.

It has a convenient airport, with jets on stand-by if one needs a quickie divorce in “the Islands.” Like the town of Springfield, where the cartoon Simpsons live, it has whatever geographical features suit the story line.

Oakdale is an easy drive to the mountains, New York City, and of course, Chicago.

Oakdalians are Cubs fans but seem to have little interest in the Bulls or the Bears.

They go to the Windy City for rock concerts or occasional shopping trips.

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