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Meanwhile, the burnt body of a woman is found in a car with signs that her child was kidnapped, leading Booth and Brennan to suspect the father, Carl Decker.Their investigation is complicated when Decker turns out to be in the witness protection program.However, Brennan and her team have trouble identifying the victim when they discover that she had extensive cosmetic surgery done, which altered the core architecture of her skull.An agent from the state department is sent to perform a security review on Brennan and her team.As the clues begin to unravel, the investigation gets more complicated when details of the man's private life are revealed, leading Brennan and Booth to a private detective who may hold key information. Camille Saroyan, a first-rate pathologist who has been hired as the head of forensics at the Jeffersonian, and more importantly, Brennan's boss.It doesn't take long for Brennan to figure out "Cam" is a little too familiar with Booth and that they share something of a past.

Brennan to be the same boy who went missing from a local park, Booth and Brennan's team work together to find his murderer.

When she suddenly wakes up and realizes that she has lost her memory of the previous day, Booth flies down to help her.

Soon, she becomes the prime suspect in a murder case.

The team helps FBI Deputy Director Sam Cullen's daughter, Amy, when she contracts a rare form of lung cancer after receiving a bone graft.

Booth and Brennan learn she is not the only victim with this rare form of cancer.

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