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Like planned couple of buddies and my cousin and his girl came bye .There was liquor, weed, pills and all sorts of party goods.I’ve never, ever picked one of them up because I am afraid it’s either a cop or I’ll get a disease that I’d bring back to the wife – and I don’t need that drama.

If you want to shoot heroin into your dick and fuck a horse, DO IT.

you have to contact Aids Health Foundation to find out where to get that near you. I confess I like to shoot meth and jack off thinking about and reading about some of the sickest fucking sex acts i can. I wish there was a woman out there I could share this pleasure with.

if you do not have hiv you should look for this place so if you get exposed you know exactly what to do. i got it because my favorite way to enjoy sex is the most likely way to get it. there is NOTHING like the feeling you get when you cum or orgasm at the same time the meth hits you. i thought i was pissing the first time but it was CUM and lots of it.

I woke up around 315 to get a drink and I see my cousin and his girl in the couch watching porn and playing with each other. I got so horny my cousin's girl asked if I have ever been with a guy.

I told her that I never had but I was open for anything being all spun out at the time. I imagine getting dominatedand pegged by Ginger & Mrs Howell while Mary Ann ass-smothers me.

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Are there any naughty little freaks out there who like to shoot meth and fuck.

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