States mandating hpv

“It’s something that we ought to look at and be open to.” There are other strategies we could be using now to get more children vaccinated, Schwartz said.

“We have clear evidence that there are missed opportunities when young women and young men are going in to receive their pre-adolescent vaccines — the Tdap booster, the first dose of the meningococcal conjugate vaccine — those rates are quite good.

They both require the vaccine for girls entering the sixth grade, and Rhode Island will implement a similar requirement this August for all children entering seventh grade.

All states provide medical exemptions, and some state laws also offer exemptions for religious and/or philosophical reasons.

Still, Schwartz remains hopeful that school entry requirements could help boost HPV vaccination rates in this country, and that’s partly because of the law that will go into practice in Rhode Island this coming school year. C., the Rhode Island legislature doesn’t allow for any additional exemptions specific to the HPV vaccine.

The Rhode Island requirement also includes boys, which the other two states don’t.

“It has to do with it being considered a vaccine to protect against a sexually transmitted infection, that’s likely the case,” said Galloway, who was not involved in the state-requirements study.

“Even though hepatitis B should fall in that same category, it’s been portrayed more as protecting against a liver disease.” Even with its low uptake, the vaccine is having an effect in this country — HPV prevalence among young women dropped from nearly 12 percent before the vaccine was available to just over 5 percent in the four years following its introduction. C., have HPV vaccination rates lower than the national average for adolescent girls, according to the 2013 CDC survey, despite their school entry requirements.

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