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If you meet a stranger who is also named Bauder, do not assume that you are related, because there were people with similar sounding names that adopted the Bauder name and have no bloodline established back to the Bauder of Wurttemberg, Germany.

She gives a good explanation of this confusion about the Bauder name and the following is excerpted her book.

"Like most of us in the family, I had believed the name had always been spelled Bauder.

There was only one record found where it was spelled Bauder prior to 1800.I contacted her about it and we corresponded a number of times.She said that the Bauder family had been thoroughly traced in Germany by a Dr. Wilhelm Bauder; that there were never any Bauders in Kirchheim (where Melchior came from); that the name had never been spelled Bader, and that no Bauders came over that early.She suggested I would find we were a separate family.Due to some "common" names in both families, and the fact that there were so many spelling variations here in the early records, I was not convinced.

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