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More than half the station showed up to watch a few performances and listen to some great live music. We had several back-to-back storms, and on June 22, broke the June wind speed record of 46 mph with gusts up to 51 mph.

We also set a new low temperature for the season so far at minus 107.9F on June 8.

It’s been a stormy month, and the snowdrifts around the South Pole Station have grown exponentially.This past weekend, a group got together and transformed the dining hall into a 1950s style burger bar, complete with wait staff.Afterward, we had a showing of the Antarctic Winter International Film Festival submissions.Rough redeployment dates for the crew have been issued, and folks are busy planning adventures for after the season.Meanwhile, we continue to find ways to recreate on the Ice: Soccer, badminton, and the pool tournament are still going strong.

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