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She quotes Andrews (who refers to (Laie)) as saying the name applied to coconut-tree drums. When a sister speaks of an elder brother it is kaikunane. the right of the government to take, or to authorize taking, the private property of a citizen for public use with just compensation being given to the citizen whose property has been takensmall land section, Hālawa Valley, Molokaʻi, with a place of refuge (puʻuhonua) of the same name.

Hill on the eastern rim of Kamalō gulch, south Molokaʻi, known as the Camel's Back (Stearns and Macdonald, 1947: Plate 2). crater near the head of Pālolo Valley, Honolulu, said to have been formed when Māui's hook fell there after dropping Pōhaku-o-Kauaʻi at Kaʻena Point (PH 104); perhaps named for Kaʻauhelemoa, the supernatural chicken of Pālolo that flew to Helumoa. The tone varied according, to the size of the tube. (UL 143–4), (Roberts 53) Barrèrre suggests (Barrère 19) that as the name for bamboo pipes seems to have originated with Emerson. rocks in the sea at Mahaiʻula; land section and fishpond, Keāhole qd., North Kona, Hawaiʻi, belonging to Kamehameha I and destroyed by Pele who wanted the aku fish there. lit.: frayed hull (canoes were dragged over the rocks at Mahaiʻula at low tide, fraying the keels; they were used in fishing for bonito). The estate, which bordered the ocean, has since been subdivided. The elder of two brothers or sisters; used by a brother when speaking of a brother, or by a sister when speaking of a sister; but when a brother speaks of an elder sister, it is kaikuwahine.

Within each large spiny pod are two or three gray marble-like seeds, which are used for leis, also powdered for medicine. Old name for Barber's Point, Oʻahu, where Captain Henry Barber went aground in 1796. His club lost its mana to the gods of Molokaʻi, and so he threw it away; it landed on this cape. sorcery god represented by images made of the wood of three trees at Maunaloa, Molokaʻi.

crista), a straggly bramble, a pantropical vine indigenous to Hawaiʻi, with thorny branches and leaf stems and with small yellow flowers. A point here was cut off from the island by Lonokaʻeho, a fighter with eight stone foreheads. (UL 205.) point, southwest tip of Molokaʻi named for the famous club (lāʻau) of Palila, the Kauaʻi hero who, with a spear given him by the gods, leapt to Kiha-a-Piʻilani, a Molokaʻi hill, and there attracted all the women; the angry and jealous Molokaʻi men fought him. name of three woods (kauila, nīoi, ʻohe) believed to be the tree forms of two male gods (Kāneikaulana-ʻula and Kahuilaokalani) and one goddess (Kapo); the wood was considered deadly poisonous at Mauna Loa, Molokaʻi only; small pieces of the wood and roots were used in black magic.

The people cut up Nanaue with pieces of bamboo and burned his flesh.

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Its sound varies somewhat from the English k, sound to that of the t, according as the enunciation is made at the end of the tongue or near the root. kāmalū, to do evil to another in secret; to forbid, warn in secret...); • to murder; murderous; murderer, dead shot. Kalihi in Honolulu is famous in legend as the home of Pele's sister Kapo (HM 186), and of Haumea, Pele's mother who is identified with Papa, the wife of Wākea.

it is the sun is it that stands still, the earth forsooth, that rolls! Having the general sense, of; belonging to; it marks the relation of possession and is used before nouns and pronouns; it is similar in meaning to the preposition a, but used in a different part of the sentence. Ka (also ko) before nouns is similar in meaning to the apostrophic s in English, and signifies the thing or the things belonging to those nouns; as, ka ke alii, belonging to the chief; ka laua, that of them two. To remove; to change one's place; to be transferred to another. The grove was considered sacred because of the reverence in which the seer was held. Land section, stream, homesteads, Kailua qd., Kona, Hawaiʻi. Ancient surfing area, Lahaina, West Maui (Finney, 1959a:52). Sick persons were brought here for cleansing baths. (Pīkoi, the rat killer, went to Waikīkī wearing a Lehua lei. NOTE—It is the custom of Hawaiians when they have poi or other articles to sell, to hoist a small flag (lepa); hence kalepa. a native tree (Elaeocarpus bifidus), with long-stemmed, ovate leaves and greenish flowers, formerly used for fire making and constructing grass houses, the bark for cordage. in Honolulu is famous in legend as the home of Pele's sister Kapo (HM 186), and of Haumea, Pele's mother who is identified with Papa, the wife of Wākea.

To cause to be done; to be gone; ua kaa na peelua, the worms (peeluas) are done, i. First tract of homesteads under the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, Kaunakakai qd., south Molokaʻi (Cooke 77). (see also UL 130.) This place is also known as Ulukukui-o-Lanikāula (kukui grove of Lani-kāula). school, Kailua; land section, Honomū qd., Hawaiʻi, said to be named for Kalaoa Puʻumoi, sister of Kapalaoa, the mother of the riddling expert, Kalapana. Pele was attacked near here by Kamapuaʻa, the pig man (see Puaʻakanu; HM 187). land section, Hāmākua qd.; ancient surfing area, Puna, Hawaiʻi (Finney-Houston 26). name for an ancient surfing area at Waikīkī (Finney-Houston 38); FS 35), now called Castle's. Trading; peddling; he mau moku kalepa kekahi, some were trading ships. • to move from place to place; • to float or move with the wind, as clouds; • to swing; • to peddle (formerly of goods carried suspended and swinging on a carrying pole); • to lie off, as a ship; • unsettled, swinging, hanging, flying.

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