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Some have accused the British Government of war crimes.Others have drawn an emotionally charged parallel between the urban firestorms and the horrors of the Nazi gas chambers.People desperately tried to clamber out, yet the smooth cement edges made it impossible.

'If Bomber Command could carry out a raid on the Coventry scale every month, the result would be a complete state of panic in the industrialised west of Germany', and 'considerable loss of life'.

Indeed, senior RAF planners did not hesitate to use the term 'terror-bombing' to describe some of their raids.

The most passionate enthusiast of the strategic offensive was, of course, Sir Arthur Harris, head of Bomber Command from 1942.

Little more than a week after Dresden, 362 Lancasters dropped 1,551 tons of bombs on the small town of Pforzheim in 22 minutes.

The central area became a blazing crematorium, with the death toll reaching 17,600, a quarter of the population.

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