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Here are the new stamps for the month of April: Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument | Birmingham, AL Freedom Riders National Monument | Anniston, AL Reconstruction Era National Monument | Beaufort, SC Harriet Tubman National Historical Park | Auburn, NY Antietam National Battlefield | Pry House Field Hospital Museum Noatak National Preserve | Bettles, AK Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park | Outdoor Recreation Information Center Gulf Islands National Seashore | Most notable this month are stamps for four new additions to the National Park System, which recently brought the total number of Nationa Park Units up to a total of 417.

Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument, Freedom Riders National Monument, and Reconstruction Era National Monument were all added in January by way of declarations made by President Obama under the Antiquities Act.

Some of the places in the new national monument include areas where reconstruction was being implemented, even as the Civil War raged around them.

This includes sites associated with old Camp Sherman, where a regiment of African-American troops for the Union Army was recruited.

The Pry House served as General Mc Clellan’s headquarters at Antietam National Battlefield.

Although it is within the Park boundaries, it is operated in partnership with the National Park Service as an outpost of the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, and has several exhibits on how medical needs were handled during the battle.

The latter received a new stamp this month, replacing an older stamp that referred to the location by its nickname, “El Morro.” There is also a brand new stamp this month for the San Antonio Guardhouse, which is located just outside the fortifications of El Morro.

This gives the site three total Passport locations.

Lincoln visited the area in and around Mahomet during his time as a lawyer on the 8th Judicial Circuit and the museum includes exhibits on this stage of Lincoln’s life.

Finally, the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area has added to the 15 stamps it introduced in January of this year.

The additions this month include 7 additional Lincoln sites in and around Springfield, Illinois, which join the long-standing cancellation for this Heritage Area at Lincoln Home National Historic Site, which is also in Springfield.

The Okaloosa Area is the easternmost section of the National Seashore, located just east of the town of Fort Walton Beach, and preserves the beaches on the barrier island.

The Advanced Redoubt is located in the Fort Barrancas Unit of the Park, on the grounds of the Pensacola Naval Air Station.

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