Sedating a cat for travel

If the mites are from pets, you may be bitten on your abdomen (tummy) and thighs where the pet has been sitting on your lap. Some bites will naturally be red and swollen, but for other types of bites these symptoms may not be normal and could indicate an infection.

If you have been bitten before, you may develop intensely irritating weals or lumps.This is when your immune system (the body's defence system) reacts badly to the insect bite. You are more likely to have an allergic reaction if you are stung by an insect.See the Health A-Z topics about Anaphylaxis and Insect stings for more information.See the Health A-Z topic about Lyme disease for more information about this condition.Mites cause very itchy lumps to appear on the skin and can also cause blisters.

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