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Romance female Naruto Deidara wants to become Tsuchikage just to prove his art is worthy of praise. Namikaze Minato has to face many difficulties and dangers on his way to become the Hokage of Konohagakure - but he would have never been able to fullfill his dream, if he hadn't met a certain redhead on a special mission in the Land of the Eddies... However, instead of a happy and goofy original Naruto she decided to bring a dark one from an alternate world to her bed, attracted by his violent and savage nature. After being fairly calm from dying via car crash, Hinari Hyūga Uzumaki is fine.His dream becomes a life goal for his teammate, a girl with complicated heritage, who will stop at nothing to get him that seat. This is a Naruto A/U where he has a brother and they both receive a demon. By fine, she means that the fact that she exists is good with her, and having Boruto as your brother isn't as annoying as one might think.After a while any weapon will dull,crack or fall apart. AU[NOVELLA] Kakashi can keep his hands to himself…except when Ino is involved. that girl…Hinata has always wanted to prove to her family and herself that she wasn't a disgrace to her clan.He just hoped he was not falling apart anytime soon. The Scarecrow of Konoha finds himself entangled in a strange love affair gone off the tracks, leaving him flailing for control over his present life, his memories, and his future. When her father is drafted for war after being injured, Hinata takes this opportunity to save her father and fight in his place with the help of an old and unlikely new friend. (Slight Sasu Hina for the Mulan/Shang moments; warning to Sasu Hina haters)Naruto Uzumaki, born with the blood of the Namikaze and Uzumaki, must embark on a journey throughout he Ninja world to find his place within what he was given.When Ino meets new man, Sai.offers to help her forget her ex.. And to ask yourself just one simple question; is there truly, Something Better? Sakura is fighting her inner demon, Naruto is an akasenko and Sasuke is going against his clan. Sometimes it replies back." :: no massacre, family team seven, au ::sakura, ino, ten-ten and hinata were sent on a mission as seduction mistresses to retrieve information about the plans madara had... explicit plz review.["A Dabble A Day, Every Day For A Year" Challenge] Over on Tumblr, Sakura is known as the "Multi-Ship Queen" so that's what this is all about."Know more about the girl you like." the ad for a mobile app read. however things take a turn for the worst when the girls were to seductively entertain the uchihas...fascinated with sakura, madara takes her against her will, why? Ranging from 'what ifs' to 'crack' to all sorts of AUs. Uchiha Masaru is a normal boy who wanted to become a ninja with his twin sister Akari.

Sasu Ino, Ita Ino, Dei Ino, Naga Ino, Yahi Konan, Obi Rin, Naru Hina, Neji Ten, Lee Saku, Shika Tema, Kaka Anko Found by Kakuzu one night when he leaves Konoha, Naruto will be trained and will get the Jiongu as well as his sensei Kakuzu.sadistic,cold,calculating,money hungry naruto. When Sakura is kidnapped on a mission Kakashi and Naruto must do everything in their power to get her back.That leads to a strange obsession for both of them. But before she knows what's happing she is sensed by a certain grey haired shinobi. He has no idea there's a world where he and Akari don't exist.Will they be able to be together or will forces keep them apart? What if Naruto had been the exorcist, and Sasuke the shifter? But in this one they do, and their existence creates unimaginable ripples. Getting bored of her relationship with Ares, the Greek Love Goddess Aphrodite decides to dump him and find another man to occupy her bed, so she picks Naruto Uzumaki. Here's a testament to their ever-budding relationship. When a strange visitor shows up in the ninja nation, no one knows what to expect. Minato didn't seal the Yin half of Kurama into himself and instead chose Sasuke as the container for the other half of the Nine Tailed Demon Fox.Timetravel Rin x Naruto Naruto is banished from his village from the elders. Upon his death, he finds himself presented with the opportunity to achieve his dream in a new world. Rated M for language, violence, and possibly sexual themes.

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Sasusaku pairing but the main story is focused on Sakura . How am I going to survive in this world that wants me deader then a doornail. But ten years ago, she disappeared without a trace.

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