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If you’d like to revise a theory first, then please read my summary of IFRS 3 Business Combinations and IFRS 10 Consolidated Financial Statements, both of them contain video in the end.Here’s the question: Mommy Corp has owned 80% shares of Baby Ltd since Baby’s incorporation.Let’s be more practical today and learn some advanced accounting techniques.After summaries of standards related to consolidation and group accounts, I’d like to show you how to prepare consolidated financial statements .

You’ll learn how to translate the subsidiary’s financial statements.Management should create and implement suitable policies and procedures to communicate the ALLL process internally to all applicable personnel.Regardless of who develops and implements these policies, procedures, and underlying controls, the board of directors should assure themselves that the policies specifically address the institution's unique goals, systems, risk profile, personnel, and other resources before approving them.Below there are statements of financial positions of both Mommy and Baby at 31 December 20X4.Prepare consolidated statement of financial position of Mommy Group as at 31 December 20X4.

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I’ll do it on a case study, with explaining what I do and why.

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