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From the time television was born, people were fascinated with seeing everyday people fight, claw, cry, laugh, love, struggle, work and find their way – all to the delight of the viewer.

As you can the history of reality TV has really paved the way for many of today’s most popular television shows.

These competition-style reality programs, which began in the 50’s, have been a successful model for modern reality TV as we see it today.

In the 70’s shows that outlined a more somber view of people’s lives began to gain in popularity with programs like PBS’s , a program that showed a traditional American family that was going through the stressors of a divorce.

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In a way very voyeuristic, MTV’s began to a large degree the modern world’s fascination with watching the lives of everyday people interacting with one another and fueled this interest in reality television.

It can be argued that shows like and many more where cameras follow professionals in an industry while they complete their work.

Problém je, že legendární stavitel motorek a jmenovec Sugar Beara pracuje vlastním tempem, a tak se Danny vydává za ním do LA.

Dva bratři chtějí překvapit svého tátu perfektním dárkem pro milovníka aut - restaurovaným T-Birdem ve speciálním vydání z roku 1957, který dlouhá léta stál na louce. Hledači pokladů sledují dva nejnadanější hledače, Mikea Wolfa a jeho partnera Franka Fritze, kteří vyhledávají předměty s historickou a sběratelskou kulturní cenou, na které jejich majitelé dávno zapomněli.

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