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Just five days ago, Weisz, 48, surprised fans with the news that she and husband Daniel Craig, 50, were expecting their first child together. The actress debuted her bump in a chestnut-colored silk crepe dress by Chloé at the premiere for her new drama Although this is Weisz and Craig's first child together, the couple has children of their own from previous relationships.Weisz has an 11-year-old son named Henry Aronofsky with ex-husband Darren Aronofsky.A virtually unknown actress at the time who had previously starred in five short-lived sitcoms, Aniston auditioned for the role of Rachel after turning down an offer as a cast member on the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live.After acquiring the role and before Friends aired, Aniston was temporarily at risk of being recast because she had also been involved with another sitcom, Muddling Through, at the time, which was ultimately canceled and allowed Aniston to remain on Friends.Mc Adams on her #Disobedience co-star Rachel Weisz: "I feel like she's always walked to the beat of her own drum and rejected the norm — She's just got such a keen mind that she's looking for the unexpected" lat.ms/2HOGEsq pic.twitter.com/lgtma Ot Xwd "Mc Adams has been wasted for too long as the underwritten love interest in films [...] It’s remarkable what she can do in a film that understands her talents." - washingtoncitypaper.com/arts/film-tv/b…"I just had this strong feeling that they would have great chemistry.Rachel Weisz revealed that her son and Daniel Craig’s daughter are ‘really excited’ by the news that their parents are expecting their first child. It’s all such a mystery.’ Rachel started dating Daniel in December 2010 and the loved-up couple tied the knot in New York City in June 2011 but they have made a conscious effort to keep their romance ‘private’.Rachel and Daniel confirmed earlier in April that they were to welcome a baby boy or girl, and speaking at the premiere of her new film Disobedience on Tuesday, Rachel revealed that they were pleased with the news that they would be getting a younger brother or sister. Rachel was previously engaged to Darren but she admitted after her wedding to Daniel that she didn’t eruly believe in the concept of romance in popular culture before the Spectre actor came into her life.

pic.twitter.com/Vdup99s Xq N "Two superb performances from a couple of Rachels [...] Weisz and Mc Adams are perfectly matched here.

Both stars shine, with Mc Adams particularly touching as the one who stayed behind." - deadline.com/2018/04/disobe…

"Mc Adams has a gift for showing the skill with which a person can hide a storm of emotion, and knowing when to let that facade crack, ever so slightly [...] The performances, like the film, are rich, layered things of tremendous feeling and complexity." - consequenceofsound.net/2018/04/film-r…

Introduced in the show's pilot as a naive runaway bride who reunites with her childhood best friend Monica and relocates to New York City, Rachel gradually evolves from a spoiled, inexperienced "daddy's girl" into a successful businesswoman.

During the show's second season, the character becomes romantically involved with her friend Ross, with whom she maintains a complicated on-again, off-again relationship throughout the entire series. The role of Rachel was originally offered to actresses Téa Leoni, the producer's first choice, and Courteney Cox, both of whom declined, Leoni in favor of starring in the sitcom The Naked Truth, and Cox in favor of playing Rachel's best friend Monica in Friends.

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