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After meeting a 35-year-old man at a science convention, she began communicating with him through social media and, in February 2011, he took Gypsy back to his hotel room during a local convention.

Word quickly spread to Dee Dee, who knocked on the hotel room door with what turned out later to be fake papers showing that Gypsy was a minor (she was actually 19) and threatening legal action. Gypsy had finally recruited a willing rescuer in Nicholas Godejohn.

She had shaved Gypsy’s head and given her drugs she didn’t need.

She had subjected her to unnecessary medical procedures and fed her through a feeding tube.

Soon, the bizarre story of Gypsy and her mother began to unravel. Her mother had, for years, forced her to sit in a wheelchair when out in public.

While law enforcement worked to trace the source of the vulgar Facebook posts, a few police officers began taking statements from concerned friends and neighbors.

A consistent picture of the Blancharde household quickly emerged; of Dee Dee as a sweet, devoted and selfless mother and Gypsy as a disabled but uncomplaining trooper who loved to dress up in princess costumes and watch movies. We are a pair of shoes: Never good without the other." The First Sign of Deception While police tried to sort things out, Aleah Woodmansee, a 23-year-old family friend and neighbor, came forward.

In 2008, on the steps on the very house where Dee Dee died, Gypsy talked with a reporter about the many trials and tribulations she and her mother had endured. Gypsy wanted a lot more freedom than her mother allowed.

Aleah, a 23-year-old medical claims investigator, had known the Blanchardes for years.

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