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If the work is unpublished, copyright includes the right to publish the work or any substantial part of it.

This regulatory body establishes royalties for the use of works protected by copyright when the copyright is being administered by a collective-administration society.

As such, a trademark is valuable intellectual property.

The terms filing date and priority date are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same.

A provisional application is an early bird application that establishes an early filing date but contains only a description and a drawing but no claims, declaration or disclosure.

It is not examined and must be followed up by a full application within a set time frame or it will be discarded.

The process followed when the Registrar issues a notice to a registered owner of a trademark asking him or her to provide evidence showing use of the trademark in Canada in the preceding three years (anyone requesting the issuance of such notice must pay a fee).

A Canadian patent applies within Canada for 20 years from the date of filing of a patent application. Patent searches can help determine whether an applicant can claim rights to an invention, or whether a patent has already been issued to someone else on the same or a similar invention.

Patent searches are also used as a form of research to gain information on existing technology.

A provisional application establishes the applicant’s intention to pursue a full patent application. It is also the inclusion of a form of intellectual property (copyright, patent, trademark, industrial design, etc.) in the official register for that office, in accordance with applicable acts.

Small entities are defined as businesses employing 50 or fewer employees and universities.

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