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Looking for recommendations about venues, communities, or events to explore your interests? Subscribe to the weekly event guide to start receiving our curated, comprehensive guide to what's happening in our fabulous city.We know from experience that it can be difficult to find out about the huge variety of events happening around town, and we'd hate for you to miss out.You can't just throw a bunch of elements together and call it chemist In 2007 I sold my house and most my stuff, and hit the road full time.Currently traveling the USA in a geeked out vintage bus conversion. Enjoy Open Toronto, and have a great time out there in our wonderful city!

The incredible irony is that this law, regardless of its actual interpretation in court, brands us as criminals without any evidence of any actual harm being done and in the process can actually bring harm to us and our children.

If you agree that people who are polyamorous CPAA seeks support for Basic Income for all Canadians.

Let’s take the financial trap away from domestic violence, give Seniors their dignity back, provide hope and opportunity to our youth as well.

Research is showing that polyamory is more popular than once believed – and is growing.

Newer research indicates an increase from under 1 percent to around 4 to 5 percent are in some CPAA Seeking Committee Chairs and Volunteers CPAA Notice of Annual General Meeting: Sunday, June 17, 2018, AM Pacific Daylight Savings Time Place: Teleconference call hosted from Victoria, British Columbia The proposed Agenda will include the election of the board of directors under a new committee structure (see individual committee tasks described below): – Coordinator and Chair of the Board of Directors – Co-coordinator and Chair of Bylaws and Internal Rules Committee – Secretary and Chair National Polyamory Day in Canada November 23rd is National Polyamory Day in Canada.

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