Paypal validating address information

is using the field and the type of information these users are entering into it, on the other hand, requires some data analysis.

Thus the proviso for both address fields should be explicitly denoted: the ‘Address line 1’ field must be marked as required and ‘Address line 2’ as optional.

While misinterpreting the two fields as two separate addresses is not the most frequently observed issue, it does happen.

Mostly for users who’ve been perplexed earlier in the checkout experience, and especially when testing users not native in english, or on sites which by their nature often require multiple addresses (e.g.

Poor ‘Address line 2’ designs did however contribute to a sub-par form filling experience during both studies, as the test subjects spent excessive time filling out forms or typed correct input in a wrong field, resulting in needless validation errors and warnings.

Given how easy it is to design a user-friendly and unambiguous ‘Address line 2’ field, it’s worth taking a moment to fix it – it really is one of those low-hanging fruits in checkout and form design.

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