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Maybe Friend Finder should make the approval process a bit stricter. There are two Premium Membership types to fit different budgets and needs. The sign up process is basic and very easy to follow step-by-step.Once you get the required parts done, you have the option to expand your profile with lots of different features, such as: longer essay questions, the personality test, blogs, and more.Step 2: You need to fill in all the basics about yourself from age, to gender, to location, and your date of birth.Step 3: It is then time to add a little bit more information about yourself like your body type and which one your prefer in your partner.

Since 1996, over 600 million members have used at least one of the company's dating sites.

It is like going on a first date with the person without their even knowing. What we can take from this is that signing up for Friend Finder is fun; you actually learn a lot about yourself along the way, and you get to share it with the world.

The profile is very detailed so you are sure to get a quality experience if most members set out their profile like you do!

Basically, your account is divided up into different sections for you to fill in.

It is set up really nicely so you can access everything easily and fill it all in. The sections are: It is best to click on each part once you sign up to get to known what each part is about, but we have provided the most important details in this review.

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We will list each part in detail below, but bear in mind that you will need to set aside time for all these parts if you sign up.

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