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He views long-term dating as a “hiring-process” for which he will happily accept resumes, but he knows that at the end of the day no candidate is worthy of the position. This fellow spends seven days of the week at the gym (and wishes there was just more time to dedicate solely to his triceps), frequents the men’s bathroom to catch a glimpse of himself in the mirror, and has at least three photos on his profile where he is doing his version of “Blue Steel.” He is online for the attention, not for love, and definitely not for you!He isn’t afraid to bombard your inbox with “hey sexy” messages and prefers to only converse about bra sizes or the possibilities of video-chatting via Skype. Big Daddy: Big Daddy looks in the mirror and sees Hugh Hefner as his reflection.He will send you a ridiculously unthoughtful message (typically between 1-4 words) and if you make the mistake of responding, he will ask you to exchange contact info (Facebook, number, email, etc.) before he even knows your name. IATS types are in their late-20s to late-30s and are feeling the pressure to settle down or commit.He often has forgotten his standards and just wants anyone. They typically have careers, goals and passions, but feel as though it’s time to find a significant other to start a family with.Others are trying to send you "negatives", making themselves look better in hopes you might chase a challenge... Girls do both to me, i got one that said, "hey, your skinny... " 3- Some guys put hook up so they dont seem desperate. All of these things i have experienced as a man with women... I tried online dating a few years ago after a rough breakup.Some men just dont care, i get messages for sexual encounters and it says clear as day in my profile and my info section that I want a relationship. I also had horrible experiences with immature women.He doesn’t see himself as a sugar daddy and does not want to give you gifts in exchange for your company, because he wants you to want him, regardless of the fact that he may be decades older than you are.Preying on the young is his way of never getting old.

As far as the jerky comments it's the same as jerky comments on the street ,catcalls, etc.Probably one much smaller scale than you since I am a guy, and Im sure us guys outnumber females.One actually left in the middle of a date and stood me up.- just keep walking along and singing your song, to quote my son's favorite children's book.Good advice (as always, I appreciate you always helping me out ) But a lot of what I'm complaing about is the first 1-2 messages.

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