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That is, they’re more likely to stick to a particular course of action simply because they feel that it’s right.

In the general population, the ratio of women-to-men who wait until marriage to have sex seems to be about 60/40 girls-to-guys.

Naturally, religious people seem more likely to wait until marriage to have sex.

In a study of 9 Southern Babtist churches in Texas (it doesn’t get much more conservative than that), 20% of the church members aged 25 or younger were married without ever having premarital sex.

For example, 11% of modern 25-year-olds have not had premarital sex.

If you include higher ages, then the percentage goes down to the 3% number.

That’s about how many waiters-till-marriage there are.

Regrettably, we’re not as easy to identify as gay people are (studies have shown that people can determine sexual orientation just by looking at faces), which leaves many waiters feeling much more alone than they deserve to.

curriculum “is founded on the medical and legal facts regarding teen sexual activity.To give you some perspective: About 4% of the US population is gay.Think about how many gay people you’ve seen in your life.That’s something we here at Waiting Till hope to change!Three percent of the US population may seem like a small number, but that represents nearly 10,000,000 waiters-till-marriage.

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