Numerical age or relative dating

I suggest that the complex shape of the ‘warped neutral sheet’ is created by the Sun's periodic interaction with the brown dwarf Nibiru as it moves through the solar system.

Nibiru's own magnetic properties might be the cause of the reversal of the Sun’s polarity during the dark star’s perihelion passage.

Cotterell notes that similar numerical figures appear in Mayan records, particularly “the Mayan super-number of 1,366,560 days recorded in the Dresden Codex” (2). The astronomer Percy Seymour, of the University of Plymouth in the U.

K, has shown that there is a mechanism whereby ‘a planet’s gravitational field may have an effect on the Sun’s magnetic field’, and that ‘magneto-tidal’ resonance between the planets could have a basis in reality (3).

The red ‘star’ Horus was born from Sirius (white Isis), a celestial event that captured the meaning of the Egyptian mythology beautifully.

It is less easy to pinpoint a specific date, however, as many of the ancient accounts of red Sirius were traditional, and based upon earlier texts.

The account of Seneca represents the latest possible date, I would suggest, which was in 25AD.

However, the Bible contains the description of the Messianic Star as the ‘Star of Bethlehem’, whose appearance occurred sometime between 12BC and 1AD.

Nibiru appears to have been in conjunction with Mars during perihelion 13,000 years ago, and may have been slightly perturbed into a larger orbit at that time.

Despite these difficulties, an expectation above and beyond the craving for the coming Messiah was evident.

Began in 237BC, and it was finally opened in 105BC.

Given that the Mayans and Assyrians seem to have held knowledge of such cyclical behaviour in the heavens, then would the re-birth of the dark star Nibiru not have been expected by many of the ancients?

The Messiah was certainly the talk of the Middle East for centuries before Christ, and I have already outlined the celestial ramifications of this event.

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This web-site has considered a radical set of ideas, none more so than the identification of the Messianic Star as Nibiru, the Winged Disc.

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