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North Carolina’s prosperity, natural beauty, and reputation for stable government have given it an image of progress and opportunity, even as it maintains its strong Southern identity. Population (2010) 9,535,483; (2017 est.) 10,273,419. North Carolina extends across three major physiographic regions of the United States—the Coastal Plain (or tidewater area), the Piedmont, and the Appalachian Mountains.

In addition to producing a spectacular landscape, this regional variation has influenced the state’s climate, soils, plant life, and human geography.

Nickname: The Tar Heel State Statehood: 1789; 12th state Population (as of July 2015): 10,042,802 Capital: Raleigh Biggest City: Charlotte Abbreviation: NC State bird: cardinal State flower: flowering dogwood The earliest people to live in what is now North Carolina were hunters and gatherers at least 10,000 years ago.

Over the years, many Native American cultures called the area home, including the Cherokee, Woodland, and Mississippian tribes.

It was one of 11 states that made up the Confederate States of America, fighting against the Union during the Civil War.

North Carolina got the nickname the Tar Heel State because workers here used to sell tar, pitch, and turpentine from the state's longleaf pine trees to be used in wooden ships.

The terrain of North Carolina is among the wettest in the country, with vast marshlands in the coastal tidewater area and numerous lakes in the Piedmont and Appalachian regions.

The area is well drained by rivers flowing into the Coastal Plain or South Carolina.Traveling across North Carolina, visitors can see three unique regions defined by three different landscapes.Journey to the middle of the state to find the Piedmont region.Roanoke Island in the northeast, a part of the heavily indented and island-fringed coast, was the site of the famous “lost colony” that vanished sometime after the original landing in 1587.This eastern region retains some of the flavour of colonial life, while the Piedmont region, centred at Charlotte and Raleigh, has become the state’s hub of industry and population.

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