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[I need to wind into an aside here: That homeopathy is under-used in this country, and is misrepresented by a media that props up the pharmaceutical industry, is shameful.

There is so much I want to say about this issue, and I won’t dwell long.

I’ve also spent a lot of time feeling not quite awake and not quite asleep.

I’ve had to learn how to honor the limitations that come from being sick while, at the same time, not over-identifying with the idea of being sick. It states that your body is mistaking a part of itself as an invading foreign agent and sending antibodies to attack it. It’s basically telling you that you’re trying to destroy yourself.

Here is one from Anna: “the sound of solidarity from one sick bed 2 another!! If we know we’re one body, will this change the way we write to each other, and read each other?

The music tracks how a body languishes and revivifies at different times of the day: “All of these intestines/ and the qualities I show to you.” I also love to read the comments left on collander’s page.They’re disconnected from their senses, loyal to ideologies that don’t love them back, but treat holistic others like superstitious idiots.They advocate for a system that has attempted genocide on indigenous, folk, and women’s medicine, and that has stolen from and experimented on non-white bodies.But first I’ll add this: homeopathic remedies work, and Trump’s FDA is currently working hard to ban them.A patient should always use the medicine they need, whether conventional or holistic.

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Homeopathy thrives in countries where it has a government platform, like India, France, Switzerland, and South Africa. The AMA formed in part to topple homeopathy because it worked too well.

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