Most intimidating people of all time

We want to make people like being Lesson learned: When you’re around people who intimidate you, don’t fall into the trap of trying to prove yourself to them. Instead, keep to the universal principles of likability.

The number one example men brought up was talking to women they’re attracted to. The advice is collected from studies in the field of cognitive behavioral science and my own experience.

Sometimes we don’t even want to admit to ourselves that we’re intimidated because it feels silly or we’re afraid that acknowledging it will make us more nervous. If you acknowledge that you do feel intimidated and accept that feeling, it won’t be as strong as if you tried to ignore it.

After all, you can’t remove feelings and most people get intimidated every once in awhile, so why not be okay with it?

I’m also going to bring up examples from intimidating people I’ve talked to about the subject, and I’ll share what I’ve learned from them.

First of all, here are two changes in mindset we need to understand: Few walk around in life trying to intimidate others.

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