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(The translations of the Japanese names have been added.) Naturally, the museum also contains fire engines and other equipment and makes effective use of dioramas to look back at firefighting in Tokyo through the ages.

In the summer, the building serves as a cool (in both meanings of the word), informative oasis.

A video screen has been installed in a simulator-like fashion directly in front of the windscreen to show footage of TFD helicopter operations.This particular example was in service for a total of 15 years, from April 1982 to March 1997, during which time it participated on 875 rescue missions and carried 526 people.The missions included evacuating the residents of Miyakejima—part of the Tokyo-administered Izu island group, 110 miles (180km) south of the capital—following the volcanic eruption in 1983, the 1986 Kokaigawa floods in Ibaraki Prefecture, and the 1995 Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake.The building does contain some Japanese-language publications for reference.It is not every day that you come across a jet aircraft parked on the forecourt of a car main dealer’s service centre.

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Under the right conditions and with a little imagination, the helicopter’s rooftop location does give the impression of “flying” over the Tokyo skyline.

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