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Although I had worked with 20,000 students in hundreds of colleges, not one incident was reported. Warren Farrell: As political correctness set into the colleges’ psyches, college programs shifted to emphasizing only men understanding women.It would be wiser for programs to help both sexes better understand each other. The solution is the elimination of the white Christian male. Men seem to be retaliating against women for wanting to be EQUAL at least in the eyes of the law.We seem to care more about saving whales than saving males.Marty Nemko: You said men are indirectly disposable as dads. Warren Farrell: In a divorce, if the mother doesn’t want the father to be equally involved, the apriori assumption is that she's right.For example, we may need to encourage our daughters to take the initiative when they want physical intimacy, not just to say when they don’t. And if a grievance is filed, we should not presume guilt. The guys were stunned at being unseen for their integrity, intelligence, or values. Marty Nemko: What did you do to help the young women walk a mile in the guys’ moccasins?Our society strives for equality but few experts are asking women to share the responsibility for taking the initiative in sex, thereby risking rejection. It’s unfair to expect guys to assume 90 percent of the burden of sexual rejection. Warren Farrell: First, make the law the last resort. Warren Farrell: I had the women “ask-out” the guys they were most attracted to on a 20-minute “date.” Some did what they criticize men for, for example, lying to get an attractive guy to go out with them.Men have to fight in court for that right, and that's expensive. Marty Nemko: What are your thoughts about the current focus on campus rape? I used to tell college audiences, “Every woman is in a beauty contest every day of her life.” I then invited all the guys on stage to experience that.Warren Farrell: The issue first should be addressed before kids get to college. A slight change in eye contact means everything in a male-female encounter but would be laughed at in court. Warren Farrell: Yes but both sexes should be walking a mile in moccasins. I had those guys wear bathing suits and had the women be the judges.

Warren Farrell: Greater compassion for the other sex’s vulnerability, and I formed hundreds of men and women’s groups so they would continue to deepen their compassion after I left campus. He wants to devote himself selflessly to your happiness! Femdom Dating is a Dating website for the Femdom BDSM & fetish community. These are real people looking for BDSM, Fetish, cuckolding Or just Female Led relationship, Wife led marriage and Women wanting to meet other Women to share ideas.We don’t need a women’s movement blaming men, nor a men’s movement blaming women. We need both sexes walking a mile in each other’s moccasins. Then, white females and minority men (And other women) can resume their peaceful loving existence. You didn't anwser the question: Why do you need someone to blame for gender roles?The very incarnation of evil-the white male-should be wiped out. As a woman, it breaks my heart for the mothers (and fathers) of the men who die in combat. Gender roles evolved and were at some point crucail for the survival of our species.

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