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According to that his daughter and 50 Cent were thinking about collaborating. The pair reportedly met when the band had a cameo in the movie, years later, telling the publication how he had thought it was awesome.He recalled, “At the time I thought, ‘This is awesome.’ But I was really nervous. I left at eight o’clock next morning.” But according to the publication, Lohan denied that anything happened.Although when it was public, Valderrama, who is six years Lohan’s senior, wasn't afraid to share his thoughts on the relationship.He told magazine, “We try to keep it more under wraps because it is a lot more meaningful that way.The list was published by and included a lot of really surprising names, and among them was James Franco.But whatever happened between these two obviously didn’t end on good terms, at least not if Franco’s awkward comments about Lohan are anything to go by.

Reports claim they were together, at least at some point, during filming.And to make it even more complicated, Jenner was also linked to Cora Skinner around the same time.James Franco and Lindsay Lohan are believed to have had a brief fling in 2005, at least, according to a handwritten list the actress wrote, detailing all the men she had been with over the years.At this point, we don’t need all the free press.” It may have been special, but it wasn't meant to last, and by November the couple revealed, via their reps, they had called it quits but would remain friends.Not long after Lindsay Lohan’s split from Samantha Ronson, she and Gerard Butler reportedly found themselves on holiday together in 2009.

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