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A felony charge is a higher criminal charge than a misdemeanor and all felonies are classified into sections ranging from 1 to 6, with one being the most severe.The exact classification of the felony charge ultimately depends upon the victim’s age, as explained by Arizona Revised Statutes 13-1405.He represents clients in Employment Law, Estate Planning, Criminal Defense, and DUI & Traffic Defense matters. old and I am going to turn 18, is it possible for the parents of the 15 yr.An example of when the Romeo and Juliet defense may apply is if consensual sexual intercourse has taken place between the victim who is 17 years old and the defendant who is 18 years and is attending high school or has graduated.The advantage of using the Romeo and Juliet defense is that it could mitigate the defendant’s liability for the crime or clear it altogether.Unbeknownst to John, the victim’s license was fake and her friends were untruthful.

The firm has handled numerous criminal defense cases and is wholly prepared to defend you and your rights in today’s challenging criminal justice system. Tyler graduated from Arizona State University Law School and was admitted to the Arizona Bar in 2009.In addition, the defendant had made reasonable attempts to determine the victim’s age, such as checking a driver’s license.For example, if John, who is over the age of 18, is prosecuted for breaking Arizona’s age of consent laws, his attorney may be able to use the Mistaken Identity defense if the victim, who is really 15, had told John that she was 18.The first defense relates to Arizona’s Romeo and Juliet Laws, also known as the Age Difference Defense.Under subsection (f) of Arizona Revised Statutes 13-1407, your defense attorney can bring a Romeo and Juliet defense if the victim is age 15, 16, or 17 and the defendant is under 19 years of age or attending high school and is no more than 24 months older than the victim and the conduct is consensual.

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