Law of attraction and online dating

To stop a Limiting Belief, recite its polar opposite (positive) belief to yourself and internalize the words.For example, if your standard belief is, "It's impossible for me to get a date," affirm, "I am worthy and capable of getting a date." Instead of carrying the baggage of a previous relationship into your next and assuming the worst as you seek a new partner, open your mind to the possibility of a positive outcome and stop dreading the negative.A woman who has had unhealthy relationships with negative men may suspect all men to be ill-intentioned and project her fear onto a new date.Before approaching someone with flirtatious behavior, ensure that your own mind is free of negative energy that you might unwittingly project.Otherwise, the relationship will be controlled by feelings of insecurity.The key is to recognize the negative thoughts before they become your mantra.Your first task upon meeting a person of interest is to communicate to them using your aura and positive, magnetic attitude, "I would like to be more than a friend.I am a romantic prospect." Leaving a strong impression leads to increased chances of further dates and a relationship.

I accepted a job reassignment & moved to Hawaii in 2003.

Flirting is the art of successfully creating positive, charismatic energy around you in the aim of attracting the attention of a possible mate.

The Law of Attraction demands that you focus your positive intentions toward manifestation, turning your dreams into actual events in your life.

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I have had quite a few interesting guys write to me and ask to meet me. One guy who wrote to me had even been to our Men’s Night event at Mastery a few times, which was great, and we went out for a drink last night and had fun. Is online dating a place where we can see the “law of attraction” at work? And says, ‘That which is like unto itself is drawn.’ Which means vibrations are always matched.

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