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He looked at me strangely and then to my amazement told me that maybe that wasn't such a bad idea!

The next thing I knew we were retreating to a dark, wooded corner of the park.

When I ran into him a few nights later, my heart began pounding as soon as I recognised him in the dim light on the path.

We greeted each other and began sauntering along, our dogs bounding around us.

Any attempts to discuss and resolve our problems seemed to go nowhere, although we both were committed to staying together, especially for the sake of the children, but also because it seemed like a huge failure to throw away so many years together.

Then we were leaning against each other, laughing shakily and agreeing to meet again a few nights later.

Like many people I got to a point in my marriage when I felt that I could no longer stick with it.

My husband and I had been happy for the first five years, but after that, the constant grind of money worries, looking after small children and careers had started to wear away the last shreds of affection and respect we felt for each other.

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On one of my evening walks I ran into him, and as we wandered through a dimly lit part of the park, I had a flash of inspiration — perhaps this was the answer!

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