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She asks if that’s good and he tries to tell himself that she can’t be Soo Yeon.She asks him out to drink since the mood feels rather that he’s ending things with the Soo Yeon in his memory.continue to increase inversely proportional to how the excessive dramatics are being toned down.Though I really do believe the ratings are buoyed by a combination of three popular young actors in the lead along with a story that can be quite addicting even if sense took a long walk and still hasn’t returned to the set yet.This was the first episode that I really understood from Soo Yeon’s perspective – the last image she had of Jung Woo was her calling his name and him running away without once looking back.That giant painful decision haunts her as much as it haunts him.

Episode 7 recap: Jung Woo asks Soo Yeon to call his name and she obliges.

Mientras que el melodrama médico alcanzó el 21,5 por ciento, que promedió un 18,3 por ciento a nivel nacional de acuerdo al rating de Nielsen."She Was Pretty", protagonizada por Hwang Jung Eum, Park Seo Joon y Choi Si Won en el segundo lugar.

Aunque la comedia comenzó lento, con 4.8 por ciento de los espectadores de su episodio de apertura, subió el promedio a 13,35 por ciento de los espectadores, alcanzando el 18 por ciento."Unkind Women" también conocido como "Unkind Ladies", protagonizada por Kim Hye Ja, Chae Shi Ra, Do Ji Won y Lee Ha Na.

Soo Yeon says he appeared to like Soo Yeon a lot, so why did they break up then? A man runs out of the rapist’s home screaming and the police are alerted to the scumbag’s murder.

The police arrive and the man tells the police chief that the murderer had to be Han Jung Woo.

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  1. – One of them was too meek to pull this, but the other negged me horribly, trying to break my confidence down to convince me that I couldn’t do any better.