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Jeremy is a hard working and unwavering personality craving for thrill and adventures.Apart from fishing, he is also interested in scuba diving in cold and less visible water in U. Millionaire heiress Chloe Green is pregnant with Jeremy Meeks‘ baby, multiple sources confirm to Us Weekly.Meeks, 34, and the Top Shop heiress began dating last summer while he was still married to his baby mama, Melissa. Meeks shares a 9-year-old son, Jeremy Jr., and 2 stepchildren with Melissa.Whatever may be the reason but his aficionados should know that Jeremy is devoted to a life of freedom which includes 25 years of solo travel in India, Nepal, South America, Africa, China, and Thailand.In fact, he said, he must have a single lifestyle to feel ‘properly alive’.Besides catching aquatic animals, this British man has captured the heart of women around the world. Since Jeremy has devoted 25 years of his life to an aquatic creature, the topmost priority for him is fishing and seems like marriage is the last thing that comes to his mind.

Quick Info:‘River Monsters’ and ‘Jungle Book’ star Jeremy Wade seems busy advancing his career and prioritizing his profession over personal life.

There is something about him that intrigues the women.

Maybe it’s his English accent and amicable personality.

He was educated at Dean Close School and has earned a degree in zoology from the Bristol University.

He then attended the University of Kent for his post graduation in biology and earned a teaching certificate in the same field.

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