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expanding Date Functions) * right click each function and select 'Sample' * PDI will open a hidden script sample that shows some example code Screenshot of this stuff in Java Script Step: Some more follow-up questions: * What is the data type of your input?

Is it a string/text column you wish to validate matches that pattern? Do you wish to make it a string/text for output, do you wish to make it a Date format?

This function takes a value and checks it against a regular expression to see if it is in the correct format (DD/MM/YY).

If it is, it then gets each date part and then tests that it is actually a real date.

Each row contains the same number of cells (although some of these cells may be empty), which provide values of properties of the thing described by the row.

In tabular data, cells within the same column provide values for the same property of the things described by each row.

This document aims to primarily satisfy the "Access methods for CSV Metadata" recommendation (see section ] which is an Informational RFC.

An individual who has actual knowledge of a patent which the individual believes contains Essential Claim(s) must disclose the information in accordance with section 6 of the is data that is structured into rows, each of which contains information about some thing.It also contains some non-normative guidance for publishing tabular data as CSV and how that maps into the tabular data model.An annotated model of tabular data can be supplemented by separate metadata about the table.If you are aware of the trade-offs of using the Java Script step and still want to explore what's available...then I suggest looking first at the various Transform functions available in the step.

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This specification defines how implementations should locate that metadata, given a file containing tabular data.

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